A new approach to mental and physical health

what is
barefeet living?


a fresh approach to
mental and physical wellbeing


Doesn’t it feel great when you’re on top form? A body you’re connected to, a mind that’s full of energy and love. But how often do you really feel like that? Lots of us put up with mental and physical discomfort as part of everyday life. Maybe you grew tired of searching for a solution, maybe you ran out of time or money, maybe you just got used to the status quo. Whatever the reason, here you are, not feeling quite right but getting on with things. Because you have to, right?

Barefeet Living offers an alternative path. Through simple teachings and good, clean fun, it's a journey of self-empowerment that helps you reclaim your power and rediscover the joy and fulfilment of the everyday.

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Self-care is the secret to a happy and successful life. Once we begin to care for ourselves, other aspects of our lives often fall into place.

Barefeet Living aims to help people discover (or perhaps rediscover) their natural power, flow and connection. The way we see it, you don’t have to be a guru to find ‘enlightenment’.

It’s a powerful journey with no end. A path walked lightly and unencumbered. We invite you to follow.

It’s called Barefeet Living.


About Me

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Hello, I'm Pete


As a child, my parents had an uphill struggle getting me to wear shoes (or clothes in general, for that matter). It was impossible to tie me down. I’d walk barefoot across pebbles, spiky fields and glass-strewn pavements alike, without a second thought. Come winter, my feet were as tough as an elephant’s hide and getting back into compulsory footwear for school felt utterly alien.

My love of adventure and the outdoors persisted through my teens, leading me to South Africa in my 20s, where I found (probably for the first time) a sense of true home. South Africa was a land of wilderness, colourful chaos and boundless horizons, where living barefoot was welcomed, not questioned. Here I connected more deeply with my true self, free from the anchor of expectation that I’d been carrying around from my youth.

Unfortunately this budding conviction hadn’t quite rooted itself, and sensing a pressure to conform, I moved to London and took on a full-time corporate role. (That old chestnut ‘career’, eh?) The pressures of this lifestyle took their toll almost immediately, and within a very short space of time I had become confused and saddened. Before I knew it, I had sunk into a crippling, numbing depression.

Clouded by such unhappiness, I was unable to see the wood for all the trees and the source of my misery seemed unidentifiable.

I had to admit to myself that things were not ok. Summoning all the motivation I could muster, I found someone I trusted who helped me take back control, and reclaim a sense of self and personal power.

It was at this time that I discovered the true depth and wonder of yoga; a practice I had taken up in university. It became a daily routine, a place I would go to review body and mind, a chance to see what was bubbling beneath the surface. Gradually I came to know and understand myself more intimately.

My practice was serious but playful, and whilst often challenging, having yoga in my life truly anchored me!

Slowly I began to rediscover the me that I’d unintentionally left behind. I began to piece together my truth, changing and distenglaning my relationship with influences that didn’t belong in my life.