A new approach to mental and physical health

Corporate Classes




Physical and mental guidance for happier, healthier workers 


Remember when we thought that higher wages was the be all and end all to a happy, hard-working office?

We now know how important physical and mental wellbeing is to how we function; from stress management to desk posture and colleague communication to mindfulness. Informed by seven years of working in the property industry, Barefeet Living has delivered workshops ranging from acro-yoga team building to mindful stress management and meditation. We have also provided regular yoga classes in-house, giving workers the chance to refresh and re-energise the mind as well as learn to work on resetting postural imbalances.

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Whether your business is based in the UK, Republic of Ireland or further afield, we’re sure we can put together an event or programme to suit your team’s needs. Be it an adventurous getaway or office-based workshop, we’ve got you!