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New To Ashtanga 3 Week Course Class 1/3

  • Trika Yoga North Street Bristol United Kingdom (map)

This course is for you if you're a complete beginner to Yoga and are interested in Ashtanga, or if you've been practicing Yoga till now but are interested in learning more about  Ashtanga Yoga.

You will start with learning the foundations of the Ashtanga yoga practice; Breath, Bandha (Internal locks), Drishti (Gazing points), Vinyasa (Moving with the Breath) and Dharana (Concentration).

Within this 3 weeks, you will start by learning Sun Salutations A and B and progress in the ashtanga yoga sequence learning one posture at a time before learning the next one. You will be guided through the sequence and get to understand each posture and feel what it's meant to feel like for you, and explore variations for your personal practice!

Come enjoy this strong yet fluid, focused yet fun practice within a small group setting.