Welcome To The Barefeet Journal!


Welcome to the inaugural Barefeet Journal! It’s been such a struggle not to launch into writing this before the website build was complete. I'm so genuinely excited to create a space where I can share thoughts and interact with clients and friends.

I’m going to be using this space to write on everything from upcoming trips to escape the autumn/winter creep, opinions and advice on yoga, favourite recipes/cookbooks and guidance on practical cooking, thoughts on nutrition and supplements, views on contentious topics such as protein intake/ketosis dieting/fat consumption, tips for making it through winter without feeling miserable, the importance of sleep, exercises for countering the desk job bodyslump, politics and how it affects our wellbeing, environmentalism, depression, and so, so much more. Oh, and of course any requests that comes from you: the reader!

On a more immediate note, I’m gearing up for the final push through to the end of autumn. My work with BigStyle & Swell Yoga will see me travelling to the west of Ireland for events like the Movember Surf Weekend, the bi-monthly BigStyle Adventure Weekends and my own Not-Just-Yoga retreats. Then I’ll be making my way to the North Devon coastline with Elly of Swell Yoga to assist on her Croyde Surf & Yoga retreats, before the season wraps up and we head to the consistent breaks (‘consistent’ is unfortunately not a term you can apply to surf in the UK or Ireland!) of Taghazout, Morocco and then the big one...the Kitesurfing & Yoga Retreat to Pangani, Tanzania with the Bigstyle crew!

To help keep me grounded amongst all this gallivanting, I’m now offering massage therapy at one of my favourite Bristol yoga studios - Trika Yoga on North Street, Southville. It’s my usual go-to for a last minute afternoon vinyasa class or more-than-welcome evening yin session. One of those studios where you get an immediate sense of warmth and community as you step in the door. I can't wait!

I’ll also be starting to teach Hatha & Yin in Breathe Bristol on Upper Maudlin Street in the city centre. The owner, Ingrid, has created an amazing bohemian space right in the middle of the hustle of the city. Maybe it’s her South African heritage, but it instantly reminds me of the laid-back social vibes I so fondly remember of the backpackers along the Garden Route on the south coast of her home country.

Lastly, I'll be running a workshop in Facebook's European HQ in Dublin, Ireland in October. Assisted by Elly, I'll be teaching Acro Yoga and guiding participants through my Goal Mapping workshop to see if we can find a way to chart a clear route to personal and professional goals. Hopefully I'll be able to bring similar workshops to other corporate clients in the near future!

So here we go! I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come and so grateful for what’s been; both this summer past and in the years that have lead me here. I'm so looking forward to working and spending time with more of you, whether laughing in shared relief out back of overhead breakers or guiding beginners and veterans alike through a restorative yin class. Make sure to get in touch with your feedback - there’s nothing that keeps me grounded, humble or buzzing like genuine interaction!

See you all somewhere along the path...hopefully barefoot!


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